Flush Tilt and Turn

Our Flush Tilt and Turn is a revolutionary new window with its sleek flush design, providing an ultra-modern look and feel. Their slim line appearance is simple, clean and modern and offers two opening positions – a tilt mode and a turn mode. The tilt mode offers secure ventilation, an improve factor in ground floor installations; and the turn mode enables cleaning of the window to be carried out without risk. Practicality aside It has been specifically designed to give a more ‘flush’ appearance and compete against more expensive aluminium alternative. This window style will do nothing but wow passers by creating a stylish modern spectacle.

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Why Choose Our Flush Tilt and Turn

PVC windows lightweight character facilitates easy and effortless operation. Vinyl- as a material is incredibly durable, having anti-corrosive and chemical and moisture resistant properties. Furthermore the high durability of vinyl additionally gives the windows excellent weather resistance withstanding a variety of temperature conditions.

Low maintenance is what every individual needs! Unlike Timber windows, which entail regular costly maintenance, PVC windows only need a routine dusting or wiping down.

All our products are secured by design; a nationally recognised standard devised by the police giving you extra comfort and security. 

Additionally, at JADE, we go the extra mile by having all of our products annually, third party security tested, providing that extra peace of mind for our customers. 

We offer a wide range of colours. In fact, the options are limitless. With over 1500 RAL colours available, we can help you to create your dream home. 

There are two ways to colour PVC...

Foil Wrapped- Foils are applied by a heat bonding process which fuses it to the surface of PVC.

Spray Painted- As the name suggests, the colouring process is carried out by hand with an air assisted spray gun. Our standard coloured PVC profiles are foil wrapped, however our bespoke products are spray painted in the colour of your choice. 

Neither colouring techniques will affect the quality of the product. 

Our Tilt & Turn windows can achieve a fantastic Band ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating and will protect your home from draughts and leaks. PVC has great insulation properties and PVC window panels can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Additionally, it is a common fact that PVC is more economical than other materials available on the market i.e. aluminium and timber. 

Features of Our Flush Tilt and Turn

Jade Colours

Colour Options

When it comes to choosing the colour of your Flush Tilt and Turn the sky is the limit. With 1625 RAL colours to choose from you really are spoilt for choice with JADE. View the RAL colour chart HERE and pick the perfect colour for you.

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